Current Projects

Mali Health and Education Center

The Mali Project is working with Grace Leadership Foundation to build a center in the village of Samaya in Mali. The center will be used as a clinic and educational facility to train members of the village, specifically women, about medical practices. The team is working on a needs assessment to find out what implications would be most beneficial within the center.

Frontline Waste

The Frontline Waste project is working toward implementing environmentally friendly waste incinerators in low-income countries. The incinerators are meant to reduce pollution in a sustainable way. The team is working to find out specific needs of multiple countries to determine the best way to execute the Frontline Waste business plan.Past Projects

Inter-Agency Collaboration between WFP and UNICEF

This project seeks to research incentives that can ensure that those at WFP and UNICEF notify each other when implementing strategies at various levels of their agencies, which will make for a more efficient process in managing malnutrition. This project’s team will design a monitoring and evaluation tool will allow WFP and UNICEF to measure progress in communications between the two organizations.

The Lunchbox Fund

For this project, our team conducts research on partnerships with other organizations to provide children with meals as well as another important service such as water, deworming, education, or health services and more. 

Mycetoma in Sudan

This project seeks to find solutions to making healthcare easier to access for those who had mycetoma, a neglected tropical disease (NTD).

Grameen Vidasana

Institutional Mapping 

Past Projects

Health System Bottlenecks in Bangladesh (2017)

Bottleneck analysis is an innovative approach to identify the gaps in service delivery. In this study, for the first time ever, a similar approach is being used to assess the health systems of an entire country- Bangladesh. It is a multifaceted study that consists of: a cross-sectional analysis of the current performance of the health systems of Bangladesh, the calculation of the cost of scaling up of essential health services to achieve universal health coverage by 2030, the impact of the scale up on mortality and morbidity, and ultimately the cost-effectiveness of such an effort.

Aging Innovation Challenge (2018)

Aging Incubator Challenge (2017)



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